Mattress Fundraising Solutions cares about you and your organization’s needs. Whether it’s new football helmets, new robes for a church choir, new technology for a classroom, or anything else that requires significant funding – we are here to help.

Who is Mattress Fundraising Solutions?

MFS is the fundraising arm of Mattress by Appointment, LLC., a national mattress retail business consisting of over 300 retail locations throughout the United States. Wanting to make a difference has been a driving force behind the company, which has experienced exponential growth year over year. We have an extensively trained, professional sales team to help our customers get the best overall comfort and support with their sleep system.

Because of this fundamental drive to give back, Mattress by Appointment, LLC started Mattress Fundraising Solutions as a way to enable organizations to raise substantial and significant funds in strategic ways. We use a vast catalogue of brands as well as an extensive sales force to help organizations maximize fundraising potential.

Why Mattress by Appointment?

Mattress by Appointment, LLC is disrupting the traditional, outdated and inconvenient mattress buying experience through the use of a customer driven approach. At Mattress by Appointment, we focus on customer service, while assessing & addressing the needs of each individual. The end-goal is to provide each customer with quality sleep, thus enabling them to perform to his or her best each day.

What Does Mattress Fundraising Solutions Do?

We specialize in special events . . Especially fundraisers! Mattress Fundraising Solutions will establish a plan, strategize and design a custom event for your organization, and facilitate the sales process. . . All from the comfort of your own property. Mattress Fundraising Solutions provides a turn-key model: product set up, expertly trained sales staff, marketing collateral, social media communications, you name it! Our failsafe model has never let us down with a fundraiser, and it won’t let you down either.

Raise money, build community, and make sure needs are being met. Sounds like a recipe for success!

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